What is ISH?

International Students House is unique, vibrant, caring student centre in the heart of central London. The centre provides a home to over 600 residents from all over the world, 90 of them fully subsidised by the charity that gives opportunities to less advantaged kids to have the best education in the world.

• 1956 - Mary Trevelyan becomes the founder of The Goats Club for international students in London, set up to achieve her dream of providing international students with a way and place to meet each other and experience as much of British society as possible.
• 1962 - International Students Trust is formed thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of the Hon. Patrick Wills, the British Council and the Dulverton Trust. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was very interested in Mary’s work and kept updated regularly. The Trust was registered as a charity with the Queen Mother as patron. With the support of the Queen Mother and founding Chairman Lord Grafton, the Trust partnered with the Crown Estate to rebuild historic Park Crescent East for educational purposes.
• 1965 - International Students House is officially opened by the Queen Mother.
And the rest is...
Our Mission
• To promote global friendship and understanding among our students
• To help students achieve the academic and personal aims and career aspirations that have brought them to the United Kingdom
• To provide the best possible opportunities for international students to experience the many facets of life in the UK and to give them a deeper understanding of British society
• To give British students an opportunity to broaden their horizons through friendship with people from widely differing backgrounds and cultures
• By these means to make an effective contribution to better international relations
• To promote global friendship and understanding

ISH’s homely character comes from our values. We stand together by these values to provide the best possible experience for our residents and staff.
• Respect - promoting global friendship and understanding
• Trust & integrity - belief in the organisation and each other
• Support - providing a home away from home
• Progressive - thirst for innovation
• Quality - delivering a five star service
Rohan Seth, India
"Living at ISH has helped my academic and personal ambitions in two ways. Academically, ISH has provided me with well-equipped places to study such as the study room and the common room. Professionally, ISH was where, along with my roommates, I was able to develop an idea to empower refugees and other poor people using solar energy. All thanks to ISH, the Dean of Student Life, and the partnership it has with the Davis Peace Projects for Peace, not only was I able to develop this idea better, but have also received a grant to make it into a reality."

Nguyen Quoc Tan Trung, Vietnam
"As a future professor, lecturer and educator, my experiences at ISH will sure help me to improve the condition and institutional set up of the education system in my home country."

Who Are We?

Karen Bramley

One Park Crescent Manager

Home Town:
Welwyn Garden City, UK

Top 3 Holiday Destinations:
Ljubljana, Niagra, Reykjavik

Travelling and Jack Daniels

Nicoleta Patache

Senior Sales Executive

Home Town:
Bucharest, Romania

Top 3 Holiday Destinations:
Barcelona, Havana, New York

Karaoke Song:
I’d give “Cheeky Girls” a go

Jane Renton-Rose

Sales Executive

Home Town:
Chichester, UK

Favourite Meal:
Anything with garlic bread

Anything with garlic bread

Maria Mas

Business Development Executive

Home Town:
Valencia, Spain

Karaoke Song:
All, I’m an avid Karaoke fan

Star Trek and Sims

Mauricio Oliva

Operations Supervisor

Home Town:
Mexicali, Mexico

Karaoke Song:
I would hand the mic to Maria, I’m not a fan

Pubs and tacos

Miguel Casado Garcia

Operations Coordinator

Home Town:
Cordoba, Spain

Favourite Meal:

I hate ‘siestas’

Work With Us

Working at ISH you’ll get to use your own initiative and creativity to enable the organisation and yourself to grow. We’re proud to have been included in The Sunday Times Best 100 Not For Profit Companies to Work For 2013 & 2014,  Best Companies’ One To Watch 2018, and have been recognised by Investors in People since 1997.

  • Great Work Environment
  • Dynamic and Stimulating Jobs
  • Convenient Location

Whether you need help planning your event, have a question about one of our venues or want to make a booking, our friendly team is here to help.

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